Friday, 18 May 2012

Jubilee cape for MJ

On Tuesday MJ arrived home and asked if I had his Jubilee superman cape ready. I said no, that I still had a couple of weeks before he had to dress up in red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee at school. He insisted that his teacher told him it was the following day and I needed to make it straight away. Last weekend, we had discussed whether he would prefer I made him a waistcoat or a super hero cape to dress up in and while at the fabric shop I had purchased some red gingham and royal blue cotton. He choose the super hero cape so I went into full sewing mode that afternoon.

The next morning a super hero cape was ready for first fitting and thankfully didn't need any amendments and could be put straight into his book bag.

His face was priceless as I picked him up from school and asked about whether it was the right day to bring his dressing up...he had been so adamant the night before that his teacher was ALWAYS right.

But no harm was done. We now have the cape ready for next Fridays Jubilee celebrations!

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