Friday, 18 May 2012

Capri pants for Lj

Last Autumn I came across some lovely girls cotton summer tops in our local charity shop for age 2. I couldn't resist buying them at just 50p each for Lj. But as I sorted her summer clothes recently I was at a loss as to what she had that she could wear with them as they are lovely colourful prints, one yellows and greens, one pinks and yellows and the other navy and white. I decided she needed some plain capri pants and purchased Emma Hardy's book, Making Children's clothes.Thankfully, I decided to try making a trial pair to make sure I didn't ruin the sky blue cotton which I had chosen. I did not find the instructions easy to follow and had to play around with the pattern but finally I had a pair of yellow capri pants. The second pair in the sky blue fabric I made in a quarter of the time as the pattern was ready and I now understood the instructions! As yet she has not worn the blue ones with one of the tops, I'm keeping them for a warm day when we do something more special than play around in the garden! But hopefully I will remember to photograph her when she is wearing them to show you. I'm sure I will use this pattern again and again now that I have it cracked and my daughter so easily ruins clothes!

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