Monday, 30 January 2012

A repeating pattern jumper for MJ!

My first ever knitted jumper is finished but not quite finished in time for Christmas! I did manage to get the main body and sleeves completed before Christmas but stalled when it came to grafting the body and sleeves together. For some reason I was totally daunted by this part. I was following ‘Knitting without tears’ by Elizabeth Zimmerman which gives you patterns with a lot of flexibility i.e. you can knit a raglan style jumper for any size as long as you first work out the gauge you are knitting at. I’m not sure I would recommend it for a first jumper! (But it is an interesting book none the less.) When I came to the grafting/weaving or Kitchener stitches at the armpit I just couldn’t follow the instructions. But thankfully U tube came to my rescue.

I also messed up at the neck and decreased in stitches to much so on first try on it wouldn't go over his on second attempt I wonder if it is a little loose on the neck!
Anyway, MJ tells me that he loves it as it is a ‘repeating pattern’ design! So if he is happy, I am happy!

Now, what will be my next knitting challenge?!

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  1. It looks good and I admire you for finishing it I would probably have given up rather than take on the challenge.