Thursday, 5 January 2012

Card collection 2012

I give/send a lot of cards...or that is how it feels. So last year I decided that in January I would design and make enough cards to last me through the year.  It is now January (in case you hadn't realised!). So I did a little precedent searching on 'Not on the high street'...I just love this on line shop and felt really inspired by Stripey Cats. And here are the results. I started with cats, then tried the cupcake and ended with the elephant! It was a fun couple of hours and I now have 20 cards. Not enough to get me through the year but a good start none the less! I used leftovers of my Christmas stack papers and buttons from the stash.

Bold Stripe Kitty

Dotty Cupcake

Faint stripe Kitty

Green Kitty

Pink Kitty


et first collection of 2012 cards.


  1. What a brilliant idea to make a collection so you have cards ready to go. I will have to try and do some as well. How do you find the time? Love the designs

  2. They're really lovely - clever you.

    Julia x

  3. and we do love to receive a Charis card :)