Friday, 6 March 2015

Weekly round up

How has your week gone? Mine has gone quickly and as I look around my house I see a laundry bin full of clothes ready to be washed, grubby windows which I had hoped would be clean by now and a frozen dinner defrosting on the kitchen work top. So it has not been the most productive in terms of housekeeping but it has been full of creative moments which are much more fun anyway...and I managed three runs this week which is an improvement on the last few weeks!

Here are some of the little things I have been working on...

An architectural sketch of University of Manchester. I really enjoy studying a building and sketching it. It is amazing the detail that you notice when you begin sketching! I'm almost finished the colour stage and then it will be complete.

Next week I'm taking a ladies evening group and making a lavender heart with them. So I spent a morning this week cutting out heart shapes from different fabrics and gathering a selection of ribbons, buttons and embroidery threads.

With an 8 year old's birthday party coming up I put together some little hand sewn bags for them to try and copy. After our success at Wednesday club this week I'm feeling confident in these different group of girls being able to sew a bag!

My crochet blanket has made a little progress but due to my addiction to Grey's Anatomy it is not as long as it could be!!!

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