Monday, 30 March 2015

'The Easter Story - Wednesday Club #15

We had to cancel last weeks club as Lj's was ill so this week we are going to do the Easter story in a week using Lego Easter Story- Jesus' death and resurrection.

We will then make Easter cards using a printing method. From Styrofoam pizza bases (I had a few saved up!) I cut out egg shapes. The kids will have a go at creating their simple egg pattern designs on paper first and then transfer the design onto the foam board with a pencil. The foam board can then be painted using poster paints and pressed onto the card. A printing roller is not necessary but my kids always enjoy using one! I found that the more simple the design, the more effective the outcome. Also that one colour of paint applied quite thickly also was better than trying to create a pattern with colour also.
This is Lj trialling the craft for me on one of her sick days!

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