Wednesday, 4 March 2015

'Abraham & Sarah- God keeps His promises'- Wednesday Club #13

Today I'm going to read the story of Abraham and Sarah from 'The Jesus Storybook bible'. I like how this book tells the story of the three things that God promised to Abraham.
1. God promised Abraham his own country.
2. God promised Abraham a son.
3. God promised Abraham that the Messiah would come from his family.
Abraham's country was called Canaan, his soon was called Isaac, and the Messiah was called Jesus!

Dear God,
Thank you for keeping your promises!
Thank you for blessing us!
Thank you that through Abraham’s family, Jesus came to the whole world!
Thank you for loving us!
We love you back!

I thought we might have fun learning the song 'Father Abraham' and it will get the kids moving after sitting listening to the story.

Faith Walk – The children will learn to depend on someone else to lead them.
Clear an area in the room and then as the children are watching place a few obstacles in the room, such as a chair, table or box of toys with a chocolate or sweet at one end of the room.  Ask for a volunteer to wear the blindfold while the helper guides them across the room, missing the obstacles to reach the chocolate. Explain that we often have faith in other people. We believe our parents will give us lunch. We believe our grandparents will remember our birthday. We believe the pilot will be able to fly the plane…etc. Having faith sometimes means trusting God, even when we may not be able to see where He is leading us… just like Abraham did when he travelled to the land God promised to him. Demonstrate leading the blindfolded
volunteer around the room. Let a helper try it. Make sure the helper keeps the volunteer away from the obstacles they cannot see. God is worthy of our trust!

Time line:
We have been updating our time line each week adding a picture as we travel from Creation. Each week we review the time line to give some perspective of the passage of time. Explain that between Adam and Noah there were 10 generations. And that between Noah and Abraham there were 10 generations.  Abraham was Noah’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson. That’s a LONG time… but it does show a connection! And many, many, many years later after Abraham… way down the timeline… Jesus was born from Abraham’s family! God kept His promises to Abraham!

As it is nearing Mother's Day we are going to make a cross stitch book marker.

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