Monday, 27 October 2014

hApPy bIrThDaY Me

 Yes, it is my birthday today. I awoke this morning with the sound of rapid fire feet running along the landing, our bedroom door swung open and Lj launched into the 'Happy Birthday to you' song! M and MJ already beside me responded with 'Oh yes' as the realisation dawned on them!

Lj has spent the morning in full party planning mode, creating a number of cards and insisting that we have banners, birthday cake and pass the parcel. I have just taken the pumpkin cake out of the oven so that just needs to cool and be iced with cream cheese frosting. The pass the parcel has been wrapped and the birthday bunting has been hung. Thankfully we have some friends coming over to play so it won't be such a lonely affair with just three of us.

Lj has just come running inside from playing with her friends on the street to say that we need some decorations around the front door...I better get to it, my coffee has gone cold anyway...this is turning out to be a busy birthday!

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