Sunday, 9 November 2014

A fortnight round up!

 Kids are in the bath and another weekend is drawing to a close. I'm feeling sad that I have been neglecting my blog of late and am going to have a think tonight about how I can revive my interest and reconsider the reasons for updating it regularly.

So this is yet another little round up of some of the things we have been doing the last two weeks.

 There has been a baby boom of boys so this is the first of three birth name pictures I am working on. LOVE the name Hugo!

 During the half term break we visited M's parents and stayed with M's sister and family. They live in a beautiful area so we explored a few forests and relaxed in their new homes.

 I was  commissioned to make a zebra cushion for a little girl called Zoe...her name is on the reverse. I had fun coming up with some ideas but sadly my sewing machine was poorly (skipping stitches) so it was hard work getting it completed. I am pleased to say that my machine is now working well after a good clean out and a new needle, although I'm still not sure what the problem was exactly!

 This week we remembered the 5th November by making some edible sparklers and sharing them with our neighbours and then trying out the real thing when darkness fell.

 Today I had a craft party for a 7 yr old called Sophie. I'm still picking pva glue from my fingers!

 And finally, the Christmas present commissions have begun!

Before the kids kill each other in the bath I better finish up!

Have a great week everyone!

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