Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Presents #1 Bath melts

Last year my dear friend impressed me with her homemade bath melts. The smell as they melted in my hot bath was amazing. Since then I have desired to try and make my own but was feeling daunted by the new challenge. Then for my birthday this year I was given a gift voucher for Hobbycraft...I know...the best present EVER! In Hobbycraft I purchased 'Beauty Oils and Butters' by Elaine Stavert. That was the first step. The second was to order a rather large array of essential oils, almond oil and butters in order to follow the melts recipe from my new book. With all my supplies the final step was to get making. My friend reassured me that it was a very simple process, in fact her description of using a plastic jug in the microwave kind of took the shine off the process. Thankful that I hadn't ordered a double boiler as suggested in my book I used a glass jug in a saucepan of boiling water. When the Cocoa butter had melted in the jug, I added sweet almond oil, rose geranium ess oil, sandalwood ess oil, ylang ylang ess oil and vitamin E oil. After a little stir I poured the liquid, very carefully into my heart shaped silicon cases (these were purchased in Aldi and I suppose are really for mini cupcakes?!). Running out of heart cases I filled an ice cube tray and a Lego man ice cube tray! I popped a little dried rose bud on top for presentation. Then into the fridge they went for about 15 Min's and voila we had cute, sweet smelling bath melts. My friend was 100% correct when she stressed how easy it all was.

 My plan for our bath melts (and bath bombs) is to give them away at Christmas time. I also found in Hobbycraft these cute decoupage star boxes which I thought Lj and MJ could decorate for their teachers and then we could fill them with sweet smelling bath time treats.

This one was decorated with napkins we purchased in IKEA.

It is trickier than it looks to decorate a star shaped box with a ribbon...this is the best I could come up with.

Go on have a try...the best thing about them is that our house is still smelling amazing, 4 days later!

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