Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Back to blogging!

 Half term is almost upon us and I haven't been on my blog since before the new school year started...a whole 6 weeks or so ago. I have embarked on a new life stage, that of having both kids at full time school! A number of people have commented that they had never seen me without children before...that was a bizarre but true thought. We moved to this town when MJ was only 4 months and so in the 6.5 yrs that we have been here I haven't had a weekday without children around. I was looking forward to the new stage and have enjoyed it so far...apart from feeling a little broody for a few weeks when my little niece was just born.

Lj is loving school and seems to believe that she is next in command to the fact I believe she would willing teach the class if ever her teacher was absent. Her new career aspiration is of course to be a teacher and she has turned her tiny bedroom into a classroom, kitted out with clock, behaviour rocket, story time and lots of pupils (aka soft toys).

MJ has taken on the responsibility of watching out for Lj at school and giving her the 'low down' on how things work. He loves to tell me where he saw her and what she has been doing. He is a proud big brother indeed.

As the weather has remained mild the kids continue to play outside on the street with their neighbours each evening. What a joy it is to watch as they play together, kicking football, riding their bikes, setting up shop and playing all manner of games. Tonight I wish I had taken a photo of them running around in the rain with their umbrellas as the sun was going down.

And me...I have been mixing work and pleasure with golf lessons, running, Architecture and the usual...

Present making

 Kids birthday parties


 Teaching Women to sew

and tonight I finished another Architecture sketch.

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