Sunday, 26 October 2014

Home Sweet Home

After a week of sleeping in 4 different beds, travelling south then to north and back to centre, emotional highs and lows we are back home. Lj made me stop and consider it when she produced her drawing this morning which is the view (with artistic license) from our dinning room window.

  I will fill you in on the with modern Art, it helps to know what you are looking at! The black parallel lines are the side edges, or reveals of the window. Either side are pumpkins sitting on the window cill. The purple and green is our Roman blind (which is actually yellow!) and through the window are our neighbours and a tree between know what...I think it would be easier to compare and contrast with a photo of the view!

 The beginning of our week is well reflected in this picture by Lj. M and I had a night together in London. We drank alot of coffee and ate out alot but also squeezed in some shopping (trainers for me, whiskey for M), Ronnie Scott's Jazz club, National Portrait Gallery and the Ballet at the Royal Opera House. It is always great to spend some quality time together. Meanwhile the kids were being looked after by M's parents.

Following our trip to London we headed up to Birmingham to be with family as we said our final farewells to M's Grandfather. It was a bitter sweet time as we remembered Ron's life, his dedication to his family and his love of community. It was sweet in that we got to spend time with M's extended family who we don't get to see so often.

Finally on Friday we stopped off at Cadbury World for a look around and left stocked up on chocolate!

Now we are having a quiet weekend before we start the travelling all over again on Wednesday!

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