Thursday, 3 April 2014

Have you seen the Easter bunny?

 As it is Lj's last day at nursery before the Easter break we have had an Easter inspired morning. We made an Easter card using colourful washi tape for her Nursery teachers. I love washi tape as it is so clean and easy to use giving a great vivid pattern to almost anything.

As it is tradition for the Nursery class to go on an Easter parade/ hop around the older children's classrooms we were asked to dress our little ones in bunny colours. I was so pleased when I realised that Lj's reversible pinafore made by Nana had a pale yellow side. We made a large pom pom and attached a brooch pin so we could add a removable bunny tail to her pinafore. Then with a little face paint we were set to go. The children looked so cute in their outfits as they queued to go into their class and I spotted a number of pom pom bunny tails. As ever, Lj is a good sport and loved thinking about what to wear and getting ready. She did have a minor 'Mummy hold my hand' moment when the grown ups started noticing her tail and pointing but within minutes she was off handing her home made card proudly to one of her teachers.

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