Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spending our Easter money!

 The Easter holidays are drawing to a close which we are all feeling quite sad about! Today we popped over to our local craft and stationery shop so the kids could spend their Easter money. Lj choose red glitter glue, a roll of red corrugated paper and some stamps. Once home she whipped up a quick card for our neighbours.

MJ had been hoping to buy a Lego city kit, such as a fire engine, police helicopter or boat but the range was limited, so he settled for a large, grey Lego board to extend his city. He has spent part of each day of his holidays building Lego and still seems to have as much or more energy for it as when the holidays began.

I didn't receive any Easter money but I couldn't resist purchasing a few little bits and bobs to keep me amused!

It is interesting the idea of giving and receiving Easter eggs. When I think back to Easter when I was a child I will always remember my Grandmother, Lily. She was an extremely generous women spending v little on herself but delighting in giving to her 23 grandchildren. At Easter she would give us all a large chocolate egg, one with two full sized chocolate bars. For me, a chocolate lover from an early age it was a good as Christmas. I distinctly remember the year she gave me a Turkish delight Easter egg. Turkish delight is about the only chocolate bar which I do not like...but the year after when she gave me a Mint Aero Egg, well that made up for it and more! These days my children probably eat chocolate of some sort just about every day so I don't know if receiving an egg means quite the same thing to them as it did to me. So it was nice today to take them to the craft shop and let them spend their own Easter money, which they had received from close family in lieu of an egg! ...and then this afternoon we visited friends and had a second Easter egg hunt and came home with fist fulls of chocolate which they seemed pretty happy about too!

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