Wednesday, 9 April 2014

An ordinary day

Today started simply. We had few plans made, it was just an average day but somehow it became a beautiful day.

I never intended to paint the kitchen wall but as I tidied up after breakfast I decided it was time it had a fresh lick of paint. As I went about prepping the wall and covering the floor the kids ran in and out through the back door enjoying the warmer air temperature. Then as I was painting the wall I noted a hum of activity around me. It wasn't frantic but it was concentrated. It wasn't loud but it was busy. This is what was going on...

Lj was making a butterfly from paper plates, selotape, pipe cleaners and the stapler

MJ was rethinking his Hornby railway layout.

Nothing special was going on but I knew I had to stop what I was doing and take a moment to photograph the simple yet complex processes which were going on in the minds of these little ones. They were so engrossed in their thoughts that they didn't even look up when I appeared with my camera.

Love the simple days.

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