Monday, 31 March 2014

Freya's Fabric #1

Through one of my birthday crafting parties I have met a fun loving and endearing girl called Freya. Since then I have gotten to know her parents a little better and last week her mum offered me Freya's old bedroom curtains. She knew that I probably wouldn't use the fabric as curtains but chop them up and turn them into something new. She was right!

I thought I would keep a little note of what can made from one pair of curtains and see where it leads. There is alot of fabric in a set of curtains and so often they can be picked up free of charge or in a charity shop for a few pounds.

 One of the pair.

 A little book bag ready for a birthday party which Lj has been invited to.

 A soft toy canopy to help store Lj's soft toys and keep her room a little tidier.

Now, what next to make with Freya's fabric?!

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  1. hi charis. i have loved reading ur blog and i recognise the bags u made jake and jessi! they are loevly and i love how arty and well you have documented day to day events. i am in admiration. wish i could be a bit like this! xx tracy pagram- georgias mummy x