Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Another week of creating!

 At the end of last week MJ announced 'I wish things would go back to how they were, I was 5, Lj was 2 and the bathroom wasn't a mess'! This is what he was referring to!

So I went a little crazy with the bathroom and stripped all the tiles off ready for the suite to be replaced. What I hadn't anticipated was that half the plaster would also come off. I have watched a couple of You tube videos on how to re plaster a room but I think it is time to leave it up to the experts!

Last week I finished two cushions for the lounge. When in Bath over the half term holidays I spied a new Michael Miller panel, Norwegian Woods. I loved the print and the colours and although I set myself a personal target at the beginning of the year, not to buy any fabric this year, I just couldn't resist...oops! I decided to quilt the panels and add some embroidery detail before turning them into cushions.

My first crafting birthday party of 2014 was 'fab'. I love working with 10 year old girls. They are so capable and ready to have a go at anything. I realised again that I would like to do more of these crafting parties.

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