Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fly swatter sewing

 Feeling inspired by Childhood 101- Kid friendly sewing last night we went into town today looking for something which the kids could use to learn how to sew. As we don't have a craft shop I tried the 99p shop and the best I could get was the head of a fly swatter. Two fly swatters for 99p...bargain!

Stripping the heads off the fly swatters, locating some wool and two darning needles we were ready for action. I was surprised how quickly they took to it and the concentration they had for it. Both got frustrated that the wool came out of the needle and I had to re thread a number of times...that is a skill they will need to learn in time! After a while free style sewing I drew a basic boat shape for MJ on the fly swatter. He spent quite a while sewing the boat outline and I was really impressed with how he got the idea of going in one hole and out the next hole. His boat outline was amazingly neat!

And yes, Lj did wear her dancing dress, with wings all day today...if you can't get away with it as a 2yo, when can you?!

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