Monday, 29 April 2013

A wild adventure

MJ decided he was going on a 'wild adventure'. He packed his rucksack with binoculars, compass, hat and moneybox. I asked him where he was going so he brought me his globe and said he was walking to catch a ferry which would take him to Denmark, then walking across Europe and into Asia, down through China and Malaysia until he reached his friend Freddie's house in Singapore.

We decided it was maybe not best to go on his own so he agreed to Lj and I tagging along. With Atlas under his arm we set off!

He took us off down a path we don't often walk and within minutes we reached the Harvest Moon Pub/Restaurant where he decided we should stop and get something to eat (with the money in his money box!). After a little persuasion we kept going. Every few minutes he would get his binoculars on and check we were going in the right direction...I found it hard to keep from laughing. He also kept asking Lj and I if we were was just so cute. He took his leadership very seriously!

In the end Lj got tired and I didn't want to stray too far from home so we did a circle at which he was a bit disappointed. As we walked down our road towards home I asked how far we had gotten and with a serious tone he said 'Mum, we didn't even get out of England'.

While I made the dinner I watched as he sat out in the sun with his rucksack, notebook and pencil...goodness knows what he is planning for our next expedition!

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