Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Easter break in N.I.

 I have just returned from a trip to N.Ireland with my Wildflower girl and Boat loving boy!

Without room in our hand luggage for my camera, here are a few holiday snaps taken with Dad's camera.

We visited the snow in one of my favourite parts of N. Ireland, The Mournes. Afterwards we had lunch in 'not so sunny' Newcastle followed by ice cream...we didn't feel it was right to go to the seaside and not have ice cream...even if it was a chilly day!

I spent a few mornings scanning old photos for a future, surprise birthday gift and found this one of me and my brother...I'm sure I look a little like Lj ( I would have been a similar age to Lj now)...What do you think?

Lj helping Grandad plant his potatoes. She ran up and down and quite often over the rows in her bare little Wildflower girl loves to feel the dirt between her toes!

Grandad kept the children amused with his cardboard box collection, while Mum and I stayed indoors refitting a dress!

MJ loved the boats in the harbour at Howth, and we all enjoyed the chips!

I am really going to have to squeeze my camera in next time as there were so many other happy memories which weren't captured...

:: Brainstorming ideas and dreaming of the future with an old friend as we walked the roads
:: Catching up with school friends and their growing families
:: Amazement at how quickly my newest little nieces are growing up
:: BBQ N.I. style (indoors)
:: Discovering the artist John Luke at the Ulster Museum, Belfast
:: Visiting Bitty inspiring craft/gift shop
:: The kids playing happily as we waited for our delayed flight, well past bed time.

and many more.

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