Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Our house in the woods

We have been going for walks in the woods since we moved here, over three years ago. When we first discovered the little huts in the woods, they seemed mysterious and we wondered who might have made them or how they got there. Over time we have found more and more houses and come to understand that young people build them when taking part in survival courses run by the National Trust. We have loved playing in and around them. Pretending to make cups of tea, light fires and even having a sing song inside them. However, never have we been inclined to try and make our own...until today! Today we constructed our own hut in the woods. The children could have spent all day building and playing, their imagination working overtime. It was sad to drag them away. MJ had to get to nursery...in my heart I knew there was a special sort of learning taking place right there.

MJ and Emily with their own hut!


  1. I must have spent half of my childhood attempting to make dens and such - MJ's is super! xx

  2. MJ obviously has a fantastic imagination and is very creative - perhaps he has the same fascination with making things as his mum