Friday, 6 May 2011

Freestyle sewing...take 2

 For my new niece, Faith, I gave freestyle sewing another chance! This time it worked much better...I'm not really sure why but the bobbin didn't struggle so much this time.

I haven't taken this photo very well, so the detail is difficult to see. Most of the sewing is using the dog feed but for the numbers and applique flowers I covered the dog feed and went freestyle! 

Normally I choose the font I want to use in photoshop and print onto paper, then use this as a template but after struggling with our printer not connecting to the network I gave up and just starting cutting...thankfully there are lots of straight lines in 'Faith'.

 The freestyle lettering...I think I could work on getting it a bit tidier. Perhaps if I use drafting chalk to write the letters on and then all I need to do is trace over it. However the idea of freestyle is that it is not perfect...but I would prefer it a little more perfect :)

These are a few cushions I made over the bank holiday weekend. I still need to do a few more. The fabric I used on the cushion to the left was given to me. It is a 1970's (I think, maybe older) Moygashel print. When the mill closed in N. Ireland they gave away all the left over fabric to my friends Dad. He stored it in the back of an old car...(he is a car fanatic and has many sitting around his house ready to be restored). One day my friend and I tackled the boxes and sorted through the amazing fabric. I love it and have it in a few different colours! The middle cushion is from a duvet cover I found in a charity shop and the cushion to the right is made from fabric I bought in Ikea.

Hopefully this weekend will provide a little more sewing time. My list of things to make gets longer everyday! But next, after some cushions, I want to make a cover for my sewing machine. I was inspired by one in the book 101 Great ways to Sew a Metre.


  1. I saw the quilt today and it is really beautiful. You are very talented. So very special to have something so original,unique and very pretty. What a lovely present and I know its really appreciated.
    I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Go Arnie - at least his rotting scrapyard did something, protect the amazing fabric for us :) Loving the cushion - i have found my sewing machine so will try to do something this end too. A break from knitting anyway!!
    Neatee xo