Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not bunched up...

 Yesterday as I thinned out the lettuce in the back garden MJ knelt beside me and asked what I was doing. So I told him. He started wriggling beside me and said, 'all bunched up, can't grow'. He repeated it until I realised what he meant. The lettuce were all bunched up and hadn't room to grow, and that was why we were thinning them! Apparently he heard it on one of his favourite television was very cute.

Well today I feel like I have been thinned out, no longer bunched up and am free to grow. For the last few days I have been feeling really tired and lacking motivation. But today is different. I have energy, I'm feeling inspired and I'm enjoying myself. I don't know what has caused the change but it must have something to do with the winds dying down, the temperatures rising and a fun morning swimming with the kids.

So this is what has been happening round here lately...

Lots of visits to the allotment to water the veg, ...

 to pick the first strawberries...

and lots of rhubarb.

I'm considering making some Elderflower cordial, but the buds are not quite open.

On Saturday we visited the Geffrye Museum in London. We were inspired by the gardens, how they mixed herbs and flowers together creating a lovely mix of colours and smells. Then we had a brain wave. We have been unsure of what to do with our back garden this summer. We have planted salad veg in the left hand bed with the right hand bed being a mix of salad veg and wild flowers. But it hasn't quite come together and just looks untidy. So we are going to recreate the gardens in the Geffrye Museum at a slightly smaller scale! The new herbs arrived this morning and I plan to get them planted out as soon as I finish this! I can't wait for the smell to hit me as I hang out the clothes each day.

 This is the little dress I made a few weeks ago for Lj and my friend's little one. It seems to work well but could maybe do with a little extra width around the nappy area...I designed it based on disposable nappies but am now pleased to say, we are back to wearing 'real' nappies. Lj seems pretty pleased with it!

Now to plant out the herbs before they wither in this heat!

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