Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Routine is good!

Finally I feel like we are establishing a routine...that was until Lj fell off the kitchen work top today and we ended up in A&E. Thankfully she seems fine but it has made me realise again just how precious my little ones are to me. If only I could remember that when MJ is messing around and not getting his coat and shoes on...after being asked five times!!!

Okay back to the routine thing...this is precisely my problem...I am very easily distracted from routine.

Lj takes her morning nap after we are all dressed, fed and the house is semi tidy. This gives me time to sit with MJ and bond with him over crafts, role plays, stories or games. Mainly crafts as I enjoy that so much although his new gruffalo snap is a lot of fun too.

I feel like all of a sudden he understands so many new ideas: floating and sinking and opposites were two which he demonstrated he understood today.
Then with MJ starting nursery in the afternoons I will hopefully get a little more time to myself to read, write, make and of course gaze at my sweet sweet daughter.

Now, back to my knitting. My mum has set me a challenge which I plan to win...if I didn't keep loosing my cable needle.

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