Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Light and lights out


:: Today the clouds disappeared and we had beautiful clear skies. The sun shone through our window and reflected off our vase covering the walls with pretty coloured polka dots. This photo nowhere near captures it but it was a quick try!


:: I enjoy listening to 'Focus on the family' and have recently been downloading the series on 'Sleep'. It is reminding me and encouraging me that I must prioritise sleep in order to keep my mind and body healthy. I have never in my life existed on so little sleep, as I currently am. This is due to feeling like I need some free time in the evenings when the house is quiet, both MJ and Lj waking at least once in the night and starting the day at 6am. The new plan is to try and get to bed earlier and catch a nap during the day when MJ is at school. It happened today and I insantly felt like I had energy to start some sewing which has been on my mind for weeks.

Good night!

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