Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Our day in photos #1

Lately I have been struggling to find the time to put together a blog post. Often they take shape in my head but I can't find time to get them posted or when I do get to the computer I am no longer feeling inspired to share.

So in an attempt to over come the blogging block I thought I would use my camera more and take photos of our everyday, then post them with very little words.

Here goes...

My first ever knitted jumper is nearing completion. I wasn't going to blog it until finished but it is a strange sort of design which I thought might make more sense if there was an 'in progress' photo.

Most days MJ chooses to play trains. Todays track was especially complex. I'm wondering if our trips into London are inspiring his designs!

When I take my camera out MJ always want to have a go too. Half of me is scared he is going to drop it and damage it but the other half of me wants to encourage him to play with it. So I let him take his shots while I hover nearby ready to catch. I love the shots that he comes up with. He took this one and it didn't even need cropping!

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