Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sights, sounds and smells of the weekend

As I sit and type I can smell the blossom on the table beside me...the strength of smell is amazing and so sweet. This has been a weekend made special by simple things.

Friday:: I met a friend in London and discovered for the first time Notting Hill and Portabello market. What a fun place! Another friend advised us to have lunch at Books for Cooks and what an experience that was. I would recommend it to anyone who likes something a little bit special and quirky. The day was made perfect by the company, sunshine and place.

Saturday:: I rediscovered the joy of riding my bike with MJ on the back. I was a little apprehensive to begin with having only 8 weeks to go before baby is due, but once going I felt comfortable and safe.

Today:: For a while now I have been concerned about eating shop bought processed bread. We have been buying Sainsburys wholemeal organic bread but I find it dry and unappetizing. Then I discovered this recipe for Simple, No knead fermentation bread at Abel and Cole. It does take a long time to make but with no effort required from me which sounds to good to be true. I tried it and it tasted great so I think it might just be the solution to my searching. I will try it with wholemeal flour next time and see how that works.

And finally, today I purchased the Collins nature guide on Trees. I plan to become a tree spotter over the next few weeks!

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