Thursday, 22 April 2010

Just now...2

Just now my sister has taken MJ to the park. In theory this means that I can relax and get some jobs done.

In reality my head is bursting with the things I need to do.

A list is required.

I need to-

:: Choose some relaxing music to calm me down- just discovered Habib Koité in my i Tunes, not sure how it got there and who he really is but I like!

:: Stop stuffing chocolate into my mouth in the hope that it will give me supersonic energy...I have already bit my tongue I am devouring it so quickly.

:: Tidy out my box of bits

:: Sort out my clothes frustrates me so much when I have to push things down in order to get them closed.

:: Consider the jobs I have offered to do for others and when I can achieve them rather than stressing about it but not actually doing anything...consider if I have issues saying 'No' and not feeling bad about it.

:: Clean out the cutlery drawer. I feel ashamed any time someone apart from me opens it!

:: Take a little time today to read another page of 'Great expectations'. I promised myself I would read some classical literature and I am actually enjoying the story but very slowly!

:: Order the photos I have been meaning to get printed...and send copies to family.

Okay this is calming me down but I'm afraid the list is endless so rather than continue to bore you with my minds ramblings I will leave you with a couple of photos of 'the hat'. Thankfully, the hat fits! Well it is maybe a touch big but that is easily sorted.

Now to start ticking off items on the list.

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