Saturday, 23 January 2010

Why I love our home.

It was a bath or a blog post...I'm going to try and achieve both in the next hour.

I have been wanting to do another blog post and was going share with you a new recipe which Mj and I baked yesterday. Mocha Cake, given to us by our friend. But, as I went to type the post I realised that I didn't have the memory stick in the camera when taking the photos! So, that is for another day.

Instead I noticed the things in our home which make our home just that...our home. So with a few photos I will share.

Crazy photo I know, but it is Mjs twinkle twinkle stars so I feel the photo captures a little of that too!

My chalk board which I add quotes or verses to to help remind me of the person I want to be.

My spotty bowls...I just love spots.

My charity shop plate...not really useful but I couldn't pass it by. It says 'Love, is the little things we do for each other.

And what I love most about these things is that where ever we live I can take them with me, making any house my home.

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  1. Lovely to officially hear your good news (although I had heard a whisper recently!!) - congratulations to all of you and look after yourself.

    Love Mj's twinkle star.

    Love Julia:0)