Friday, 15 January 2010

Messy play

This post is for all you Mamas who need some inspiration on how to spend your afternoon with your little ones. If you don't have a little one but need to release some tension then it is also for you!

We have just been to 'messy play', as part of our local Sure Start scheme. Sure Start is a fantastic government funded initiative. If you are not already part of it you should find out if you have one in your area. Ours is amazing!

I'm so disappointed I didn't bring my camera along as we had such a fun time.

To re create messy play at home you will need a washable area in which to play. I am going to invest in an Active products multi purpose mixing tray, from B&Q at just under £20. They are big enough to be used for all sorts of activities and have a lipped edge to keep the messiness contained (as much as possible!) and useful for indoor and outdoor play.

This morning we had one of these trays filled with loose tea, another with custard and another with soggy noodles. Mj could have spent all day just playing with the loose tea, pouring from one jug to another, drawing circles in it, sprinkling it over his toes and sieving it. He was not so keen on the soggy noodles but when some got contaminated by the loose tea and began to look like worms his interest increased dramatically. The custard he also loved. Just sliding his hands around in it, writing in it and flicking it at his Mama. However, being the cautious little man that he is, I could not tempt him to get his feet in it...I don't actually blame him, I'm not sure I would have done it either! But you never know maybe another week he will dare to walk in the tray of custard.

I hope to remember my camera next week and illustrate the fun we had today.

Happy experimenting and above all...go get messy!

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