Friday, 8 January 2010

Shiny new baby

My nephew Jack received a beautifully simple hand painted name plate as a birth present (see below). It inspired me to try something similar for my friends new baby. I didn't want to simply copy it but thought I would use the materials and style that I am comfortable with and enjoy using. I considered making it out of fabrics but having received some cute and girlie scrapbooking papers I thought I would use them instead. Also I am keen to resurrect my university pantone letraset pens and so this seemed a good opportunity to revive them. Finally, I love Mjs book 'Whoosh around the mulberry bush'. The illustrations are fantastic and they too have informed my name plate.

Jacks name plate by overthemoondesigns.

Check out the great illustrations in this childrens story book. Inspiring even for an adult!

My attempt for baby Evie...I hope she likes it!

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