Friday, 29 January 2010

The sun did shine this week, in more ways than one!

With a little sun on Tuesday and a trip to our local forest park with friends, my mood soared. The children seemed oblivious to the cold but rejoiced in the freedom of being together and outside. I too felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders as I laughed at their antics.

Even the ducks stopped and stared as three freedom bound two year olds were let loose among the trees and mud.

Mjs new found passion for stories also gave me a glow this week. I came home on sunday evening to find M and Mj curled up in bed reading...they were on their 14th story in a row!!! Ever since he keeps bringing me books to read. Thank goodness for some inspiring authors, talented illustrators and free I am kept amused too. Below is our favourite of the week.

I finish with a quote from the life of Alice Sommer Hertz (currently an inspiring documentary on i player), 'Everything is a present'.

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