Thursday, 10 September 2009

A light bulb moment

This morning I was preparing for J.a.M (Jesus and Me). I was studying the miracle of Jesus healing a blind man. (The bible, John chapter 9). It occured to me that in this story there are a number of 'light bulb moments' and a number of occasions where there was a real need for a 'light bulb moment'. A 'light bulb moment' could be defined as a point of new understanding and a changing in thinking, attitude or action. Jesus says in the chapter previous (John ch 8), that he is the 'light of the world'. He is the light bulb for this world. He can offer a new way of thinking and a new understanding. We don't need to be confused about our future, our sicknesses, our loneliness or whatever we are going through because Jesus will give us light and direction in every situation. The blind man, no longer blind physically or spiritually praises Jesus for his new understanding and his two light bulb moments!

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