Sunday, 27 September 2009

Blueberry Bear

Blueberry bear was inspired by Strawberry bear and some blue gingham! I have always loved the idea of making toys and dolls but didn't know where to begin so when I saw Julia's beautiful strawberry bear I decided it was time for me to give it a go. I found a cute book in my local library called 'toys to sew' and in it a pattern for 'Smart bear' I had no excuses.

Starting in lilyjean style (much enthusiasm) I began making blueberry bear but found progress slow so my enthusiasm waned and soon he was put to one side. That was until I was reminded that my library book with bear pattern was to be returned with a new found gusto I started cutting, sewing and stuffing. I had also tired a little of the blue gingham but loved this cream and blue stripe cotton so thought I would incorporate it also.

Bear is finished apart from a nose piece which I'm unsure as to whether I should add. If I ever try another bear I will try adapting the pattern to my own design. I would prefer the more rounded nose of strawberry bear.

The book which Blueberry bear is reading in the photo is from one of my favourite shops, Temporary measure. Check out their website, especially their fanastically funny cards.

Now, what to do with Blueberry bear, where to put him or who to give him to?

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  1. You did it then ..... are you addicted yet!!

    And Blueberry bear is lovely - a nose would be nice though - how else can he smell the flowers!!?

    Welcome to blogland:0)