Tuesday, 25 October 2016

This week...

Each week as I form my weekly 'to do' list, I add 'blog post' to the bottom of the 10-15 items. And as with anything in life that we don't prioritise it sits quietly at the bottom of the list, never getting completed but just added again, in the same position to the next weeks 'to do' list.

This morning as I was driving the short 3miles to the kids school we were listening to 'The BFG' on audio and I thought again that soon these moments will have passed...we will have moved on to another story and the BFG mornings will be forgotten, we will be laughing about something new and the 'snozcumbers' joke will be forgotten. I don't want to forget the highlights in life...I will happily forget the tired and more difficult days but I don't want to forgetting the 'snozcumbers'.

So I had a thought...every now and then, (I wish I could say, every week and stick to that, but that is probably unrealistic just now) I will document what we are: reading, writing, learning, listening too, playing, crafting or simply enjoying.

Here goes...

This week we are:

Listening to The BFG by Roald Dahl on our daily car journeys to school, EGR, EBR, Nana's house and the likes.

MJ and I have just finished reading, The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier and have now started Escape from the Usborne series.

Lj and I continue to enjoy a variety of bedtime stories. Last night it was Hairy McLary and the night before Katie and the Spanish Princess.

Following Lj and I's visit to Sew Saturday and learning English paper piecing (EPP) patchwork, we are on a mission to make a patchwork quilt from our scraps for the playroom. It is a great tv watching, evening activity!

Playing- Lj loves playing schools and has decided that she no longer wishes to be a Mid wife when she is older but a teacher instead. Yesterday her topic was 'Dogs'.

'Dog's need poo bags to poo in and food, a ball and a drink, a lead, a kennel and his kind owner.'

MJ still loves 'Old Republic' on M's laptop, writing stories about battles, drawing pictures of battles and making up his own battles with Lego.

Working- Anita and I are hoping to get our 2017 calendar off to print today...if I can get this blog posted finished and get the final edits completed :( Then I really want to pull together the kids version I have been working on and maybe get it to the printers next week.

A brief weekly round up!

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