Saturday, 8 October 2016

I'm back...

Where do I start and how do I start again?
It has been over two months since I posted and I really don't want those, rather important months to slip into the past with out a little blogging memory trail.

So I think I will start with today and work backwards as it was today that made me think that we are beginning to find our swing in this new life in this new place.

A few weeks ago the kids received a leaflet from school advertising the Millennium Court Arts Centre and the activities they have planned for Autumn. Today we went along to their 'Open Art Day'. A free event for families to attend, which consisted of watching a movie, today's was 'Honey, I shrunk the kids' followed by Art meets Science activities. We all enjoyed making paint explosions using vinegar, paint and baking powder and bubble pictures using water, paint and washing up liquid. It was a great event and with the Arts centre being in our nearest town I am so excited about spending more time there.

P.S. I also discovered a new wool shop just a few doors down which has me itching to get crocheting again.

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