Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer holidays Day 5

It rained ALL day!

So MJ played Lego, sorted his Lego and tidied his Lego. He played Civilisation, read a Secret Seven story and watched power rangers.

Lj made a chicken out of cardboard putting inside a heart, paper bones and red paper veins. Built her Lego vet practise and then turned her dolls house into an animal hospital.

M came home at lunch time to write appraisals.

I ironed and packed our clothes for our weekend away. Chopped up endless fruit and veg and had finger and toe nails painted.

Together we tried ink marbling, built the wooden railway track and read stories.

Then when the house was quiet M and I watched Padington.

One rainy day is fine, almost nice but we are all hoping for sunshine tomorrow for the wedding!

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