Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer holidays Day 1

 Monday. Our first official day of Summer holidays. What a day it turned out to be! We met our friends at 10am to play tennis and walked along the canal tow path to the town tennis courts. From there we had a cold dip in the splash pool, well the kids did, Jen and I sat on the side lines and watched! Then we had a picnic lunch in the park where the kids ran around and played for 2 hours without stopping. After this we headed home for a cup of tea and some Lego play before grabbing a quick tea and heading back to the canal for a spot of early evening fishing. MJ asked his Dad before bed time if he had a book on 'How to catch a fish?' With an unsuccessful fishing trip, I think we will be going to the library to do a little reading in preparation for our next trip.

Over the holidays I'm encouraging the children to do a 'doodle a day'. As imagined Lj is totally up for the challenge and MJ less so but I'm really hoping that as he tries it out each day he will find some pleasure in it.

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