Wednesday, 15 July 2015


There is no other word so appropriate for this blog entry as 'Procrastination'. I'm lacking motivation to get on with what I really should be doing so I'm hoping a little creative outlet in the form of my blog might get me up and running.

Here's a run down of some of the things we have been up to since the start of July!

 Celebrating my little sister's birthday with a picnic tea in the park...the simple things are always the best!!!

 Lj dressed up for an 'under the sea' party at school.

 School reports came out. It is always nice when a teacher summarises your child's personality in a similar way to how you would! As always there are things to work on but I'm so thankful to God for children who are happy at school. I mean Lj is a little extreme as she would rather be at school than at home!!! At least MJ would rather be at home with his Mum!

Mike's parents came to stay and brought Barney the dog. The children and all their friends on the street loved having him as entertainment and MJ has mentioned a number of times on the walk back from school that he wished Barney would be at home when he got there. That boy needs a dog to love!!!

 MJ and I have loved watching Wimbledon the past two weeks and it has inspired us to get out and play more. On Saturday Mike ran into town while MJ cycled beside him, while Lj and I went in the car with our rackets. We met and played tennis while Lj played in the new splash pool. It was such a beautiful morning I felt like I could have been on holiday. I quite honestly could not have been happier seeing MJ play tennis with his Dad and Lj splash around in the water...that was until MJ fell over and cut his elbow, hands and leg!!!

 MJ practising hurdling in the garden. He had his own little sports days after missing the real one due to illness.

 I gave the kids a pack of lollipop sticks, rubber bands and masking tape. 2 hours and alot of masking tape later they were still constructing castles, catapults and a trebuchet!

Although my knee is still not quite right I managed 10K in the rain with this fun bunch this morning.

Now that I have all that off my chest perhaps I can settle myself to get some work done...I think I will just make myself a coffee first!!!

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