Saturday, 23 May 2015

'Joseph' Wednesday Club #20

Wow...I can't believe we have had Wednesday Club 20 times! One of the girls drew me a picture at school. I love it!

We have been using the beginners bible on You tube to tell the story of  Joseph. This week was our 3rd week of Joseph and so we heard about God giving Joseph wisdom to tell the meaning of Pharaoh's dream and in so doing he was able to provide the country with food even through 7 years of famine. So in the space of 2 years Joseph went from being forgotten in prison to serving as one of Pharaoh's top men. God is always in control of our every situation.

As Pharaoh's dream involved cows, I wanted to come up with a related craft or activity. The closest I could come up with was...cows give us milk, we use milk in lots of ways, one of them is to make ice cream....creating ice cream sundaes are a fun activity. MJ was not all that impressed with my tedious link but the kids absolutely loved making and eating them! To lengthen the activity we designed our ice cream sundaes on paper. Our ice cream sundae's included...marshmallows, ice cream, raspberries, more ice cream, whipped cream, fudge sauce and sprinkles.

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