Friday, 29 May 2015

Audley End, Essex, UK

We had a lovely sunny afternoon at English Heritage's Audley End. Our first picnic of the year in the playground, fun trying out the mediaeval games and our first time inside the house since it has been changed to a more kid friendly experience. Mj played the piano in the library and they both tried out the rocking horse in the nursery. Great Nana had given them both some money so MJ purchased a wooden bow and arrow, at which I was very surprised as he is the sensible saver of the two and normally puts all his money in his piggy bank. Lj however is a live for today kind of girl and I get the feeling money will 'burn a hole in her pocket'. Anyway we came home with a bow and arrow which will be a fun toy to play with outside.

Lj's home learning, sentence for the day.

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