Saturday, 23 May 2015

Flatford, home of J.Constable

Each Saturday morning M and I love to make ourselves a real coffee and while sipping, read the weekend FT which drops through our letter box with a clatter at 5am. This morning as I was reading an article on photography I noticed a photo taken in Flatford, Suffolk and commented to M that he took the kids there a number of years ago but I had not been with him. To which he responded 'lets go there today'. An hour or so later we were on our way.

John Constable's father owned the mill at Flatford, now owned by National Trust and it is in this area that Constable took inspiration for many of his paintings.

Do you recognise this scene...without 2 children in it?!

It is the scene for Constable's, The Hay Wain.

We took a rowing boat out on the River Stour, had lunch in the cafe, hunted for bugs and did some tree and bird spotting.

Tonight we will be reading 'Katie and the British Artists' by James Mayhew to remind us of Constable and the inspiration for his paintings.

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