Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Paper, pens and glue

Lj will be turning 4 years old in under 2 weeks so I should probably keep this post until then but while the mood is upon me I'm doing it today. When people ask me what they should give Lj for her birthday, the only thing that springs to mind is paper, pens and glue. This girl gets through ALOT of paper. Here is a little selection of her recent masterpieces.

Her play room work space with Doggie in baby's car seat, a baby in their high chair and a baby beside her in its pram.

Her out door work space! Painting her butterfly wings.

Ready for nursery dressed as a butterfly!

Her and family at the play park.

Houses at night!

Lj and me crossing the road at the traffic lights.

A spider?!

As I picked Lj up from nursery last week her teacher told me about the project they were working on that session. Their topic is 'Vehicles' and Lj had wanted to make a double decker bus. The teacher went on to explain that this was not going to be simply a painted cereal box with circular wheels stuck on. Lj's bus was to have a floor, a large window at the front, smaller windows on the sides, a door at the front and in the middle, an area for the driver and stairs to the upper deck. Apparently, a week later, and the bus is still not finished!

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