Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lj timeline...4th birthday

 June 2010

 June 2011

 June 2012

 June 2013

 June 2014

I have a feeling that these time lines each year are going to get harder and harder...I can hardly believe it is a year since she turned 3 and yet as I read through last years post I can see how much she has progressed. Since last year she has been to Pre school for 4 months and then in Nursery for 6 months. She loved Preschool and currently loves Nursery, wishing that she can also go at weekends.

She has a kind heart, loving to share and take care of others.
She throws herself into activities whole heartily and likes to explain the rules and lead the game.
She has a great giggle which we hear often. She makes us laugh often like when she hurts herself and I hear her whisper to herself  'be brave, Lily, be brave'.
She loves to draw, colour, make, stick, cut and spends most of her free time creating something. When she is not making she is likely to be looking after her baby and dogie.
She can write her name and all the letters of the alphabet. She is easily frustrated if she makes a mistake. She thinks she can spell like MJ and tries to sound out words. MJ likes to test her on her adding and she rises to the challenge and is beginning to understand the principles.
She loves to have friends come and stay so is really enjoying our recent visitors although for the first time today she told me that she misses having her own bedroom now that she has moved out to let her Uncle stay.
She is still afraid of most dogs although she is trying to be brave and stroke little Barney. She is also afraid of all insects, no matter how small!
Her favourite foods are any variety of fruit, sweets and cheese.
Going to nursery exhausts her and when she goes to bed at 7pm she is asleep within minutes but often wakes in the night wanting someone to lie beside her or warm her up!

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