Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Things they said which I don't want to forget! #1

Sometimes my children come out with classic lines which I try really hard to remember but by the time M gets home I have normally forgotten. In future I'm going to note them down and put them on here so that in years to come I can remember those great little things they said.

These are a few of the latest ones...

Lately Lj has discovered a new favourite programme "Junior Bake Off", a cooking programme based on the adult version "The Great British Bake Off" where kids compete against each other in displaying their baking talent.

After watching one of the episodes we sat down to dinner. As we ate dinner quietly (v unusual in our house) I watched Lj take a bite and then say to no one in particular. "Hmm, it's a little dry, shame you forgot the milk. But I think I like it, well done'.

A few nights later as I dried Lj's hair after her bath she told me (I wish I could say, she asked, but sadly I'm still trying to teach her manners) to cut her hair off. When I asked why, she said she wanted to be a boy and that her hair only got in her eyes anyway. MJ piped up and said 'If you want to be a boy you need hairs on your legs and you must HATE pink!'

Lj raced MJ up the stairs at bedtime. She ran straight into the bathroom and said 'Kitted up, helmet on, ready to go before anyone else. Good.' I'm beginning to think this girl is watching too much TV...this quote is taken from 'Hero Squad' another CBBC programme that she and MJ love.

Apparently if a house is thatched it is where Heather lives as 'Heather's house has a hairy roof'!

MJ is sitting in the back of the car with Lj and Z as we are driving to Beavers. MJ says 'When I am 100, what age will Lj be?' He thinks for awhile and counts back '79, she will be 79'. 'No, she will be 97' I say. Ignoring me he goes on 'When I am 100, what age will Z be?' he thinks...counts back '69'.. 'No, she will be 96' I say, trying to be patient! Then I say 'What age will I be when you are 100?'. He asks 'What age are you now'. I reply, '33'...he thinks and then rather shortly says 'Anyway you will be dead when I am 100'!!!

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