Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Cakes 2013 :: Part 2

To see Part 1 click here.

Today Lj and I finally got round to icing our cakes. We put the marzipan on at at the weekend.

I thought I had a snowflake cutter and was planning on using it to decorate the cakes so when I realised that I didn't I felt a little stuck for ideas. At that point Lj joined me so I let her loose with the star cutters and she got to work. We used a mixture of pre rolled icing and a ready made block of icing. Although the pre rolled icing is quicker to use I don't like the finish as much (it has a funny sheen and it is hard to get rid of the lines from the roll) and it works out at least twice as expensive. In future I think I will stick to the ready made blocks. The pre rolled marzipan however is very handy!

I loved the little star patterns which Lj came up with and she spent a long time rolling, cutting and re rolling. I finished the cakes off with ribbon at the bottom (to hide the untidy edges :)) secured to the icing with dress making pins.

Now I need to think of a pretty way to package the little cakes as I hope to give them as gifts over Christmas.

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