Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Warwick Castle with little ones

Our day out at Warwick castle was fantastic!

Our little 'Mike the knight', MJ, is fascinated by castles, knights and weapons at the moment and his father is fascinated by the Medieval period, so a trip to Warwick castle seemed like a winning idea.

Here's a little summary of what you might like to know before you make the worthwhile trip...

1. Cost- The entry fee is expensive for a family but there are ways around paying full price, such as booking online 7 days before, using Tesco points or like us, using a 2 for 1 voucher from Tesco. Car parking is an extra cost of £6.  There are lots of ways to spend more money inside the walls, such as making your own shield, face painting and souvenirs. Food was slightly more expensive than normal but not outrageous! Of course you can bring a picnic and if you don't fancy carrying it around all day you can go back to your car (which may be a decent walk away) to get it but just remember to have your hand stamped so you can return to the castle.

2. Kids- There are things for all ages to enjoy and appreciate but I would say that Lj at just under 2 yrs did not enjoy it so much! As pushchairs are not allowed in the indoor exhibitions, I had to carry her for most of the day and with the crowds of people I could not let her run free when we were outside. Note: I didn't see anywhere secure to leave our pushchair so we just had to abandon it and hope that people were honest and didn't move it or take it!

3. Time- We arrived as the doors were opening so we were able to park not to far from the castle and we didn't have to queue too long for our entry tickets...however, it didn't take long for the ground to fill up. It was not uncomfortably busy but there were lots of people around. We spent 5 hours looking around and saw most of the exhibitions but it would be easy to spend longer...there are alot of interesting things to look at and many timed shows to watch.

Final tips:
Bring an umbrella (if you suspect rain), something to put on the grass to sit on and a good nights sleep! 

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