Thursday, 26 April 2012

Right here, right now.

Hmm...where are we...I seem to have lost my way in blog land.

This is where I am right now...

considering:: how I can take MJ's passion for building boats, castles, sledges etc etc to the next level without him sawing his finger off.

wondering:: how April seems to have past me by in a haze of every dayness.

hoping:: that our house sale and purchase comes to a positive end soon...before our patience can bear it no longer.

praying:: that M's health improves so he can get doing what he loves to do.

knitting:: a new born cardy for baby Anna.

sewing:: some little dresses for LJ and her little friends.

cadding:: but that is too boring to blog about.

praising:: God, for some wonderful friends who support and encourage me.

enjoying:: my hot chocolate and home made cookie.

planning:: the menu for our camping trip next weekend.

smiling:: as I think of my beautiful red head who is learning a new word and skill every day as she desperately tries to keep up with MJ.

slumping:: as I think of another friend who is moving to a far away land.

singing:: 'rain rain go away'

grinning:: as I have regained my joy in running at 6.30am

yawning:: as my body is tried after a fun day of visiting friends and having friends over to play

thinking:: I have got to get to the bluebell woods before the bluebells have passed for another year.

sleeping:: goodnight all

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