Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Night night my little people.

 I love to check on the kids just before I go to check they are asleep and wrapped up warm. Tonight as I tip toed in they were totally unaware of my presense and as they slept deeply I realised what busy little lives they lead.

Today as I chatted to my sister, Lj was climbing into my nieces pram with piglet and wrapping the two of them in a blanket. She loves her little cousin, always eager to mother her (if she could just lift her!). She is also like this with her doll. She loves to push her round in her buggy, get her a drink, tonight I even found her trying to dress her in MJ's clothes! My mum says it is just what my sister would have done at that age (I was a bit more of a Tom boy!).I wonder if she will one day be a fine mum like my sister has turned out to be.

MJ is loving the snow. As soon as he can get out in the morning, he is there building a snow man, clearing the path with the spade or just tramping around in his snow boots. He has also confirmed my belief that he is able to dress himself, get his shoes on, do up a zip when he needs to! He is sleeping extra soundly tonight as he had swimming class today. It is strange how he is never too excited about going but always always comes out 100% happy and full of chat about how much he enjoyed himself. Today he was in the 'big' pool and told me that Bob (his teacher) was very happy with him...this boy makes me smile!

Night Night,
Sleep tight,
Watch the bed bugs don't bite,
And if they bite,
Squeeze them tight!

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