Sunday, 19 February 2012

London with little ones #2- Museum of London, Docklands

Yesterday we made our way into London with my parents, sister and her little family. The boys had hoped to visit HMS Befast while the girls planned a gallery visit. However, HMS Belfast was closed so we need a plan B.

We agreed on the Museum of London Docklands.

My friend who owns a flat with parking in the Docklands very kindly allowed us to park there which made the journey to the Museum fast and easy.The Museum is located in Canary Wharf so it is easily accessible by the underground or the DLR (Docklands light railway).

As with most of the museums we have visited in London there are fantastic activities for kids. MJ and Lj spent most of the time in the 'Mudlocks'. (I had to use my camera phone so the quality is poor).

  Shifting cargo from the ships to the warehouses.

 Going crazy in the soft play.

Damming the river!

We had lunch next door in Wetherspoons which was also child friendly.
Had the weather been a bit nicer I think we would have enjoyed a walk around the docks looking at the boats and along the river Thames. We managed a short walk but almost got blown away!

Another fun day out in London for all the family!


  1. thinking Grandpa John N.I would have liked this activity!!!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Charis, we went there today after finishing with the work on our place in the Docklands. The kids had a great time. I remember we went there a few years ago before the kids were born and they didn't have the kiddie-friendly area. Great family addition and makes it so easy for parents.

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